Monday, October 18, 2010

recaps of the last six weeks

16.  Favors for any occasion

We love celebrating all special occasions.  And having a baby is one of those special moments!  For visitors at the hospital, we handed out PINK baby bottles filled with M&Ms and tied with "It's a Girl" ribbon. 

At home, while supplies lasted, visitors to the house received Jumbo Pink cookies inscripted with "It's A Girl".  Each cookie was placed in a PINK goody bag, tied with "It's A Girl" ribbon, and adorned with a mini-pacifier!

Victoria helped create tea favors by writing "It's a Girl" and sealing with a baby sticker!  These were sent to my husband's work in lieu of cigars! 

Basically, we are Favor Junkies!  Possibly with too much free time! 

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