Friday, October 22, 2010

recaps of the last six weeks

20.   Random. Ness.  Not exactly Stream of Conscious. Ness.

Does anyone know what kind of BUG this is? 

I know what kind of bug this one is... but. Holy. Mary. Mother of Jesus.  Look at the size of this la cucaracha. 

And God gave this slimy vegetable a Gorgeous Flower.  The OKRA is thanking you, God! 

Have you ever noticed the odor of Marigolds?  Frankly, they STINK. 

Unless, of course, the scent that waves to my nostrils is somewhat skewed due to an AFRIN addiction that killed my taste buds and sense of smell.  So, take it from me, JUST SAY NO TO AFRIN !!

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