Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a day for thoughts

What does this Tuesday bring you?

I hope.

The world needs a bit more goodness and kindness to be spread.

I (for once?) do not have much to joke about today or in fact, talk about.

Please send thoughts and prayers upward to the heavens for a dear friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma.  She has children.  She has her youth.  Not yet 40.  She has her positive attitude. 

 But she doesn't have her health at the moment. 

Unfortunately, she did not have any warning signs.  No illness.  No lingering fatigue.  Just no sign.  Until her diagnosis. 

So another plea, coming from me:
Go and Get checked by a dermatologist.  Check everything.  Nails, feet, scalp, palms, etc... Everything. 
Everyone make an appointment today.
And wear your SPF 50!!

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