Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heat Waves bring Autumn Faves

Now that I (literally) have nothing to wear... (remember my 75% donation post??)... I have a shopping list.  A list that contains a few trends.  And not my usual "mom-tume" of tennis skirts or running tees
or low riding (thong showing) bootcut denim. 

I am dreaming of a white (very white) Christmas... because all of these boots are on my list:

The "DEE" Boot by "Me Too"

The Channing Boot by UGG

The Rainboot by Calvin Klein

Don't forget the cowboy boot for all you southern and not so southern fashionistas!

And, Thank You Heavens, for TARGET who has a few of their own 2011affordable fashion trends (because you just spent all your money on BOOTS.)

What is on your list???

I am anxiously awaiting the cool morning  I can don a college sweatshirt.
Perhaps, this autumn my favorite one will be a Vassar College sweatshirt. 


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