Wednesday, August 17, 2011

honesty is always the best policy?

Today, my crew and I were doing errands... in a motley fashion, I might add.   The kind of style that hopefully won't turn too many heads.  One was dressed in a bathing suit with a coverup and donned wet hair to complete the "just came from the pool and I am not embarrassed" look.   Another, in a dance leotard and the biggest pink and orange tutu you have ever set eyes on.  And yet another, in a loud pink and green tutu with a blue polka-dot onesie because she is wearing her lunch in splots all over her mismatched outfit.  (Girls are in no particular order.)  And me, the "MOM uniform". 

It is only like 146 thousand degrees outside, so who really cares what we are dressed like?  Right?

After two stops, we decide to take our "party" indoors to a coffeeshop and purchase much needed refreshments.  "Caffeine" is on my mind.  After all, I only have about 18 hours left in my day. 

We spent a few minutes perusing the option board.  Finally, we made conclusive decisions on items to purchase.  Upon ordering, the cashier gave us the once over and asked, "For here or TO GO?"

I answered, "TO GO."

She replied, "THANK YOU."

I thought to myself, Is she thanking me for the small order or is she thanking me that we are NOT staying?

So, for a joke, I fake laughed and said, "It would be best if my lively bunch ate and drank at home."

And she said, with a straight face, "I appreciate it!"

(PS  I think she will not be having children in her future)

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