Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a little addiction.

Coming up on my six month dental appointment, and can you believe my dentist has failed to implement my botox idea??  I mean, like not even give my idea a second thought!  Botox is not even on his radar, at all!
What am I going to do? 
(hence, the "life is crap")

And then a thoughtful friend turned me onto GROUPON.  And let's just say, "I do have my GROUP ON".
I am addicted.
I love getting those daily emails with the specials du jour. 
It's a little piece of shopping heaven waiting for me when I finally get a peaceful moment to log on. 

I have an inbox filling up with "laser hair removal specials".  Underarms, lower legs, bikini ... anywhere else you want to be lasered? 
"Heat transfer lipo something or other" ... what is this?  Must look this procedure up... how fun!
"Jamaica for two"... ahhh, doesn't another HOT locale sound great about now??
"$10 for $20 dinner at Chilis"... who doesn't ever have a reason to eat at Chilis?
"$60 for 12 weeks of bootcamp classes" ... another gym to frequent, why not?
"Anti-aging skin procedures"... how did they know?
"$100 for six to Zip-Line at a locale two hours from my home" ... is this a good deal?  It must be, Groupon says so!
"$50 for a two-hour boat rental on Lake Whatchamacallit -- three hours from my home"... what a great way to take the kids on a boat!  We don't even have to take ours out of its slip.  Yahoo.

I am fatigued just reading about all of the money I can save doing all the activities that I may or may not get around to completing before their expiration date. 
And my hubby is exhausted at hearing me shout from the computer about all of the money we can be SPENDING!

Ahhhh,  Groupon.  Thank you for visiting my inbox... but I must hit DELE.

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