Thursday, August 11, 2011

1st day of school.

5:45am.  Littlest little awakes.
6:00am.  I insist hubby get littlest little and change her diaper (remember the prank?).
6:05am.  I jump in the shower... surely hubby will change littlest little.
6:25am.  I stayed in the warm water for a very long time.

The first day of school always produces some big event unrelated to school, but so big that we will never forget the first day of school.   So eight little words written on a diaper will be something we remember forever. 


6:30am.  Hubby isn't moving.
6:40am.  He's still not moving.
6:45am.  I think we got him.  I'd like to shout "APRIL FOOLS" but it's a bit early.
6:50am.  I poke him.  Nothing.
6:55am.  I stop staring at him.
6:59am.  Do you know how old I am?
7:02am.  We thought it would be funny.  A great way to start the year.
7:05am.  How?  DEAD?

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