Friday, August 12, 2011


My baby.  My third baby girl.  My final baby (yes, the prank was truly a prank).  She is ONE.  Today!

What a fast and amazing year it has been!

A baby in the house.   We have gone from napping/feeding every two hours to napping rarely and grazing always.  We have gone from cuddly to on-the-move in a blink.  We have gone from dark brown hair to 'to-be-determined' hair color.  We have gone from very blue eyes to 'maybe they are still blue? with a hint of green, and mom's golden native american flecks'. 

She walked at 10 months.
She has 8 teeth... almost completely through.
She can throw a great tantrum.
She has mastered the "fake cry".
She can out-shout the other two girls.
AND as of today, SHE ESCAPED OUT THE CAT DOOR.  Into newfound freedom... this next year is going to be busy! 

Yes, a lot has happened this past year.


Stay tuned for ladybug pictures... as well as hello kitty party pictures... as well as... oh well, I will get caught up one of these days.

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