Tuesday, August 30, 2011

side note:

I apologize to all of you who search "tennis" or "tennis racket" or some other word regarding tennis ...

and for some unknown reason you turn up at some drivel-full blog with no famous tennis players.  Expecting something somewhat relevant to tennis.  And worse yet, it's just a small blog written by someone who totally sucks at tennis.  Although I love wearing tennis skirts.

But I thank you for reading my "wee tennis" story.  Or any other story.

I guess it could be worse, you could be searching for words like "giada's boobs" and get dumped onto my drivel ... which would be very upsetting.  For you.  And I am sorry if that happens.

Dear Mom and Dad (and my two other readers):
Please note the upcoming change:
 oops no change oops

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