Monday, August 22, 2011

worth my weight in gold

and I am quite sure I would be RICH.  However, worth my weight in chocolate and I am still RICH, just not the desirous kind of RICH.

Because ... this weekend I believe I ate my weight in chocolate covered almonds.  At least.  I have been trying to eat more nuts -- the healthy fat group -- almonds, pistachios, walnuts.  I am not sure why I chose nuts as my target food group, but there you have it... I chose nuts.  Although, I am quite confident that my dietician/nutritionist (IF I had one) would not agree to the nuts being smothered in a thick, yummy, coating of milk chocolate or dark chocolate.   And I did get my quota of healthy fats met, as well as my quota of unhealthy fats for the ENTIRE month!!

So for the next three days or three months ... no nuts.  Which won't be too impossible considering I spent a good portion of the weekend being ill from ingesting too many chocolate covered almonds.  I almost wish I was having a colonoscopy next week. 

Meanwhile ... the rest of the weekend went something like this ... 

Daughter:  "Mommy, do you think her family likes OKRA?"
Me:  "I suppose."  (Who is she talking about?)
Daughter:  "Do you think they grow OKRA in their backyard like we do?"
Me:  "Probably."  (Who?)
Daughter:  "I said, DO THEY GROW OKRA OR NOT?"
Me:  "Who?"
Daughter:  "OKRA."
Me:  "What are you talking about?"
Daughter:  "You know, that lady on tv."
Me:  "HUH?"
Daughter:  "OKRA WINFREY."

My daughter wants to know why OKRA WINFREY is named after a vegetable.  I smiled because after all isn't OKRA WINFREY from Mississippi??
{I believe that Oprah's parents who claimed to have made a spelling error and meant to name her Orpah is another mistake, I believe my daughter is correct, they meant to name her OKRA.}

Soccer season has begun.  Let me tell you this is one soccer mom who is excited for this season.  But not nearly as excited as the soccer mom who was on the field this morning giving countless directives and competitives.  And it was only practice.  This is going to be a great season... must remember to sit next to that soccer mom so my cheers will be overshouted. 

Have I mentioned that I have a new obsession?  Yes.  It's name is _______.
Me:  "I think we should travel to _______."
Me:  "Oh, and adopt a child as long as we are there."
Him:  "WHAT?"
Me:  "I think we should travel ..."
Him:  he interrupts, "I heard you, I just wasn't sure if you were kidding or not."
Me:  "No, not kidding.  No fake laugh."
Him:  "What is this about?"
Me:  "Well, since you are not in favor of getting a puppy from the humane society  -- I thought maybe a child from X?!"
Him:  "That is not even the same thing.  Where are you from?"

Well I passively mentioned my plan to my husband, only because I felt that he should be forewarned before the social worker arrives to do our homestudy. I would really not be happy if he blew the homestudy by feigning SURPRISE!!

I was thinking how nice number 4 would be as an addition to our fun!

And the last part of our weekend, oh how I hated to end the fun we were having....
I was thinking about curb appeal.  And indoor appeal.  Details that make a home.  Not just a house.
I need some ideas.  My big time consuming focus is on a sliding glass door.
What do you do to cover a sliding glass door?

Here's the requirements:
1.  I need sun blocking from 7am to 11am.
2.  After 11am, I can open to let the afternoon sun in because the sun will be high enough that I won't have to worry about glare or furniture destruction. 

Some suggestions I have heard:
1.  solar film on the window part of the sliders. 
    a.  does this work?
    b.  does this ruin the windows?
2.  Drapes.
    a.  where on earth do you buy drapes that wide?  each window is 37 inches.  it is recommended to double the width.  so two panels at 74 inches each?  where does one buy 74 inch panels??? 
    b.  most shops only sell panesl at 50 or 54 inches wide.
3.  Sheers.
    a.  will sheers keep my morning sun off my furniture?
4.  A new sliding door with low e and 366 UV blockage.
    a.  I cannot find that kind of door with that type of glass.  I found a new door but it just has glass.  Which means I still have my morning sun problem.
5.  Vertical blinds.
    a.  I really do not want these.  Nothing personal.  Just don't really want them.
6.  Spray fake snow on windows.
    a.  Not really fond of this idea.  At all!
7.  Anybody have any new ideas???
    a.  I peruse many catalogs, and not one catalog shows a sliding glass door.  Their drapes always cover just a window.     

Stay tuned for more adventures from our crazy household...
Have a great week, everyone!

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