Tuesday, August 9, 2011

meet the teacher.

I would like to say that "meet the teacher" was uneventful.  Rather forgetful.  However, I am aware that there are some people who would beg to differ. 

It began like this....
late, late, and more late.

We missed the entire "Principal Welcome".  Which probably included a lot of "GIVE more MONEY".  And "Please support our school".  Oh, and "Give more MONEY".  We missed the other speakers.  We missed the entire "Welcome back to school". 

However, we arrived in time to discover my child's classroom placement and to learn the names of her homeroom students.  We quickly walked to room 17.  We met Ms. M.  And then the chaos began.

Apparently, my middle little wanted to "read" the 'Welcome to Ms. M's Class' Speech.  Because she shouted through most of it... interrupting at a non-stop pace.  Then she wanted to sit at a desk.  Then she wanted to take the school supplies off of a real student's desk.  Then she wanted to shout again.  SO... We shuffled out into the hallway... where middle little continued her tantrum.  And littlest little decided to join in... just for fun.

This is what happens when two out of three littles do NOT receive an afternoon nap.

I quickly phone husband:
me:  WHERE are YOU?
him:  I'm just parking.  Be there in a minute.
him:  I'm here.
me:  I am standing in the hall... I have MISSED everything.
him:  silence.
him:  continued silence.
me:  These TWO are relentless... going at it since 2pm.  For four hours now.  NONSTOP.  Screaming. 
him:  UMMMM....

He's here.  I pass off the two busy littles and silently sneak back into the classroom.  Where in fact, the teacher is wrapping up her "we are going to have a great school year" speech.  UGH.

me:  I would be very EXPENSIVE tonight IF I drank!!! 

Once we arrived at home, we recapped the evening.  What did I learn?  Well, nothing important that pertains to the school year.  Acquaintance A is getting a divorce.  Classmate B went to a different school.  Classmate C is new this year.  Mother A got a boob job.  Father A got laid off.  Mother D is stressed out over her child's broadening rear end.  Father L got his driver's license back (dui??).   I swear I wasn't listening...

Upon getting the girls ready for bed, I decided to write the prank on my littlest little's diaper:

Then the thought occured to me... children have a sixth sense in knowing when mommy is knocked up... their behaviour turns for the worse.  Oh no, did I just sign my own fate on my little's diaper?!  Surely, it cannot really be true!  But... there is not a full moon to explain their behaviour.  Oh no, I must do some calculating of days.  Fast. 

If I could have captured the teacher's face (and attending parents),
then this is what it would have looked like (see woman's face in top right corner).

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