Monday, May 10, 2010

Boats and Beans and Barbeque?

or is it "Oats and Beans and Barley Grow?"

In November, my daughter's school had "Pilgrim Day" in honor of Thanksgiving.  The day was filled with fun activities; making butter, donning pilgrim or Native American costumes, weaving baskets, creating drums, eating corn and popcorn, and learning about seeds. 

Corn kernels, sunflower seeds, and bean seeds ... were observed.  I have no idea where the seeds came from -- probably someone's kitchen pantry.  The seeds were placed into a clear plastic bottle and used as a Native American maraca.

Recently, I found the plastic seed maraca stuffed into my daughter's closet.  I pulled it out so that I could dispose of it.  Two weeks ago, we took the seeds to the backyard -- to an area of mulch that nothing grows except weeds.  (AND I have tried sowing in that patch of mulch for three years now.)  We decided to spread the seeds for the visiting squirrels and birds to eat. 

Last weekend, my husband entered our home and asked, "What did you do?" 

What an open-ended question... HUH!

How shall I answer??  I have many automatic answers to fire off, but I need to know to what is he referring, so that I can save the good responses for a more serious crisis mode.

The question should have been stated as:  "What did you plant in the undesirable plot of mulch where nothing ever grows?" 

Answer:  "We decided to feed the squirrels and birds some new (or perhaps, old) seeds." 

Apparently the neighboring critters were not fond of our choice of disposed seeds because we now have 30 bean plants or more growing in an unusual space of mulch.  We have no idea what type of beans. 
My daughter is amazed at how the beans happened.  We did not plant them.  We just threw them.  Out.  Rid.  Dispose.  My daughter took her photo of beans and bean story into share with her class. 

The Moral of the Story:
Amazing things can happen when you least expect it!

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