Saturday, May 1, 2010

shopping update ... 20 weeks

Rough Day of Shopping

Well, the shopping -- or rather, the no shopping -- is not going so well.  The first sixteen weeks were positive.  I really made an effort; and the effort was good and rewarded with genuine happy smiles from darling husband.  However, the last four weeks -- combined with pregnancy depression -- have sucked.  There is no better word.  Or rather, I have sucked at "no shopping". 

When I was diagnosed with placenta previa, I panicked.  That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. 

The first couple of ultrasounds and their memento photographs are so charming and exciting... when you see tiny baby in a sac with little limbs, a head, a rump, and a beating heart.  Then the next few ultrasounds and their photographs (in 2D or 3D) are horrifying, in my opinion.  The head is quite skeletal with eye sockets and a mouth and nose.  The gender:  either lines or turtle-ish.  The photographs are NOT flattering. 

So, with each pregnancy, I choose to SHOP.  Unattractive baby in ultrasound photographs NEEDS some very BEAUTIFUL clothes.  And shop, I do.  (I suppose I could just hand-me-down since I keep producing baby girls... but each year, the girls clothing becomes more beautiful.  Damn you baby designers!)

The stores and their cute names suck me in like a windtunnel.   I walk by the store front and a gigantic Hoover Vac has its hose pointed at me and off I go.  I have no choice because I cannot fight the suction.  I suppose it would help IF I chose not to drive to the sites in the first place!

Anavini (one of my favorite smocked dress designers)
Janie and Jack (
Bunnies By The Bay (
Lily Pullitzer
Hanna Andersson
Gymboree ( and don't forget the Gymbucks
... going on NOW, so you can come back later!!
Zoe and Jack
Babies on the Boulevard
Snug as a Bug
Strasbourg (more smocked dresses)
Kelly's Kids (
Victoria's Kid
Kissy Kissy
Windmill Kids (

And the list could go on and on...

But baby girl #3 will have pretty clothing despite her appearance!

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