Thursday, May 6, 2010


Messes tend to make me and my type A personality a bit Mad.  Not as in fury, Mad.  But, Mad, as in Crazy.  My blood pressure rises slightly to 136/87.  My heart beats a little bit faster - as if I am racing the clock on a procrastinated approaching deadline.  My eyes squint.  My forehead produces little beads of sweat which is just speeding up the process of needing BOTOX.  My palms become slippery and my prosthetic slides off into the dinner I am preparing. 

Our soon-to-be Two-Year-Old has found the PLAY-DOH!

Now, you have witnessed her messes... surely, I should be well adjusted to her interest in creativity and self-expression.  But each indulgence that she delves into, leaves me pining for something stronger than iced water with lemon. 

I am proud to announce that "little T" did an awesome job with the PLAY-DOH!  Even after she repetitively questioned, "I bite?" 

It has been a good day for "little T" refrained from eating the PLAY-DOH!  WHEW!

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