Wednesday, May 19, 2010

based on my erudition...

... there are some things my daughter has learned in first grade this year.  

1.   the definition of b***h
2.   the meaning of "break-up"
3.   the idea of "bullies"
4.   the concept of money
5.   the reality of schooling
6.   the impracticality of cloning
7.   the disliking of uniforms
8.   the disregard for authority
9.   the likelihood of socialness
10. the probability of a good school lunch

However, it is number four that disturbs me.  The word "allowance" has seeped into daily after-school conversations.  It is a word we have avoided for some time.  We like the concept of "helping" without being paid.  Afterall, IT IS WHAT I DO!! 

So, ALLOWANCE, what's that?

Daughter #1 took it upon herself to seek out "something" that needed to be done without asking, begging, or pleading from me.  It did NOT entail the method of cleaning.  She chose:  setting the table with her choice of dishes and flatware. 

And, she even went the extra mile by adding a CENTERPIECE.  I love it!

Her allowance:  the GUMBALLS!

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