Sunday, May 30, 2010

the tooth fairy

I forgot that the "tooth fairy" needed to visit our home last night.  I inadvertently locked her out.  She had no access to our home.  Therefore, no money!  And the "tooth fairy's helper" was unavailable to aide in the delivery as well.  I am not sure what "his" excuse was!

Victoria lost a tooth... a long-awaited tooth.  The tooth fell out at 7:16 am.  And by the time 8:45 pm rolled around, we had long forgotten about the tooth.  Or at least, I had forgotten about the tooth.  A lot of action had occurred in the thirteen and one-half hours between lost tooth and bed time. 

Victoria placed her tooth fairy doll next to her pillow which held her tooth safe and sound.  All the tooth fairy had to do was replace the tooth with a gold dollar coin.  Easy, right??  Well tooth fairy fell into a deep slumber and never woke up.   Victoria was up by 6:00 am to seek her treasure. 

Only too bad for me and the tooth fairy.

Victoria was elated.  Excited.  Jubilation rang out from her pepto-bismol pink sanctuary:


Because we all know that when the tooth fairy has a momentary memory lapse or a very busy flight night, the toothless child gets double.  It's a rule.  At least it is a rule in this home.  And there are no unhappy tears as a result!

Tooth Fairy holder doll is from North American Bear Company.  Pink, Lavendar, and Yellow.  Girl pirate also available.
Tooth holders for boys from North American Bear Company:  Pirates!  Baseball player!  Super Tooth Hero!
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These tooth holders are ADORABLE KEEPSAKES. 

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