Tuesday, May 18, 2010

these boots were made for walking

Daughter #1 has the Southern accent but zero love for all things Cowgirl or Cowboy.  You will not find boots in her closet.  Nor a hat.  Nor western clothing.  However, hubby and I know she will find herself in Cowtown on a Friday night when she turns 18 -- checking out imposter cowboys in tight Wranglers at "Big Balls of Cowtown" or "Electric Cowboy".

Daughter #2 has the Southern accent and a big love for BOOTS.  Cowgirl BOOTS.  And hats.  And western clothing.  She dons her boots to go "shopping" at TARGET.  We get some looks... because she wears them with anything and everything.   She will be asking for a horse soon.  I feel the begging.  And we know she'll be two-steppin' her way around Cowtown. 

Daughter #3 .... to be determined.  But I feel the western way of life continuing onward in an amplified mode. 

How can children develop a Southern accent with two Northern accentless parents? 

Our future:  Wranglers, Ropers and Boots

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