Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a little more pink decor

I love wall hanging letters. 
I love my girls' names. 
I love my girls' initials.
I love my girls' monogram.
I love embroidering their initials.

My one wish for my little girls is for them to totally LOVE their name!! 

So I inundate the girls with their letters.  Ad nauseum, I am sure.

Since they were born, the bedroom decor trend has been wall hanging letters -- and this trend has continued over the years of my child-bearing.  I could never decide on just one type of letter to spell out their entire name.  Letters are like candy... I did not want to choose just one type.  So, I chose all types of fun letters.  I chose the first initial only.  And, personally, I think this type of candy store is much better!

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