Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sneak Peek

Big Sister, Victoria, has created a "Minnie Mouse" Birthday Party for her little sister.  She could not find what she was looking for in the stores or on-line... so she designed the items that she wanted.  So with a little help from mom and the craft junk-drawer... she was able to create prototypes for her imaginative designs.  Little Sister, "P", is one lucky little girl!!

T-shirts embellished with Minnie Ears and Bows

Handmade Minnie Mouse Invitations
"We got EARS -- It's time for CHEERS"

EARS party hat designed and created by Victoria
Party Favor BAG designed and created by Victoria
Placemats from the "Disney Store"
Tablecloth designed by Victoria

Lots of EARS !!!

Tablecloth in progress ... all EARS need BOWS.

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