Sunday, May 2, 2010

A perfect climate

even IF it is only for one day.  or one afternoon.  or one hour.

70 degrees
25% humidity
spring time

The days are busy.  I am not sure if they are "as busy as a beavers" kind of day... because that beaver has quite a bit of manual labor ahead of him/her.  Nonetheless, they are busy.  I have to remind myself to take time to enjoy one small thing everyday with the children. 

Specifically, I enjoy this time of year.  The temperature is perfect.  I wish it could stay this way forever.  Everyone appears happy, too.  In the school parking lot, mothers and fathers are waving instead of finger gesturing.  At the supermarket, shoppers smile and say, "you first" instead of ramming their cart into your cart.  Wives stroke their husbands' egos instead of 'giving them the evil eye which suggests nothing for you tonight'.  Children nicely play instead of throwing tantrums on the ground.  Mommies drink wine after dinner instead of in lieu of the first morning coffee.  The climate is perfect. 

May your climate be perfect wherever you are, too!

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