Thursday, May 27, 2010

School's out, school's out

It has been one day, and one day only...

Q:  Why is it that teachers are the only people NOT ready for September?

Our summer vacation officially begins.  The classes have ceased.  The classrooms are emptied.  The school doors are locked, I'm sure.  The school has a "one-way" door policy option at this point. 

School is OUT.

The entire school year has come to an end.  I must remember (hourly):  "The days may sometimes be LONG, but the years are SHORT".

What are we going to do for approximately 90 days?

Do you realize how messy my house is going to be?

Do you realize I cannot imbibe at this time?

How many summer camps can I register the children for?

OK, OK, It is NOT OK ... to wish away the days, which turn into weeks, which become months, which become years and that only adds another bloody candle to the cake and soon the bloody smoke alarm will ring.

It is going to be a great summer!  It is going to be a great summer!  Ahhhhh!

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