Monday, May 24, 2010

on names and naming

Names, names, names

This is where I am at... and completely STUCK.  I need a name.  I need a girl name.  I am having a rather difficult time with this task.  And, honestly, I am not sure why?!  There are plenty of girl names available... I only have six taken (three first and three middle -- including mine).

Recently, I purchased a new baby-namer book.   Because this one touted "60,000" names!  And surely, I hadn't heard them all yet. There has to be ONE in there that will jump out at me and say "PICK ME". Let's divide gender in half -- leaving me with "30,000" available names.   Minus our home, our siblings, our nieces and nephews, our first cousins, our second cousins, our exes -- 76.  Times two for the middle names = 152.  I now have "29,848" names to peruse.

Possibly, I am making this task way too difficult. 
     1.  Just select a name you LOVE.

My preferences are odd, I admit, but this is a baby's name we are talking about.
     1.  three syllables
     2.  ends in -a
     3.  non-ethnic
     4.  not overused
     5.  does not begin with ch- or d- or v- or p-
     6.  no more than 5000 already named women in the social security database
     7.  not a common name in our state
     8.  no more than 5 already named girls in my girls' school directory
     9.  does not end in -ina (-eena)
    10.  no provoked nicknames as a result
    11.  no shortened agendas
    12.  flowing
    13.  sentimental
    14.  meaningful
    15.  could be a place name, hotel name, church name, cigarette brand, etc...
    16.  a Saint's name is a plus
    17.  a name day in Eastern European culture
    18.  able to pronounce name in many languages, specifically Japanese
    19.  my husband must like the name
    20.  must be able to pronounce the name


Good Luck!

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