Tuesday, April 12, 2011

for the love of...


Yep, that's right, people.  It is Tuesday. 

Usually, my weekends begin on Mondays at 8:30am.  It is the day that I am on my own for about 5 hours.  5 glorious hours.

My wish is that today is boring.  No excitement.  Because yesterday continued to worsen.  If that is even possible?

At 4pm, I was given an information sheet to complete so that I could drive on an upcoming field trip.  That fieldtrip being today. 

So I am filling out the form.  Blah. Blah. Blah.
Name/Address.   CHECK.
Auto Insurance.   CHECK.
Driver's License.  CHECK.

Oh, shit.  It's expired.  EXPIRED.  How did that happen?  I did not receive my friendly little reminder in the mail to inform me of my license expiring on my last birthday.  Where's my friendly reminder???  What?  There's no flippin' reminder in Texas?  You are just supposed to remember that in six years your license is going to expire?  I cannot even remember next week, let alone six years!!!

Well, in Michigan, where I come from... we received reminders.  {PS:  TXDOT and my husband pointed out that who cares what they used to do in Michigan.  Perhaps, Michigan has changed their little friendly reminder procedure!  Well, they didn't have to be rude about it -- I was just letting them know that I didn't receive my reminder.} 

The Department of Transportation office was closed.  Of course.  But some random mom that I started to dish my 'woe is me' story to suggested I try the transportation website. 

Saved by the internet. 

In Texas, you can renew online.  Even if it is expired. 

After my seventh "In Michigan..." speech, my husband politely interrupted:

"I don't care about what Michigan did, because you clearly cannot follow directions anyway.  With or without a reminder.  As I recall, before you even got your Texas license -- you had an expired Michigan license BY NINE YEARS.  They had put you in the "DECEASED FILE".  And your plates were expired BY TEN YEARS.  Please, just try to remember when your new license expires."

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