Thursday, April 14, 2011

for the love of...

I am sure there is something out there. 

Driving home from school yesterday, I was in my typical 'chauffeur' seat and listening to the chatter coming from behind.  And thanking God that it wasn't banter or hitting. 

My oldest was recapping her day.  Hour by Hour.  And then we began to discuss her reading for the week; the vocabulary, story, setting, characters, etc. 

She admitted that their were some difficult words in the story and the bad ones were to be skipped/ignored.

"What bad words?" I ask.

"Ones that I cannot say," she reminds me.

"Like what?" I push.

"Do you emby?" she says.

"Do I envy?" I repeat.

"No, do you emby?" she repeats.

"Do I what?" I wonder.

"Do you M.B.?" she repeats again.

"Do I M.B.?  What is that?" I ask.

"You know!" she exclaims.

"No, I don't know M.B.  What is it?  What does it mean?" I want to know.

{ M.B. = mother board?  mother b***h? mother bastard? mister bastard?  mrs. b***h? What the hell is M.B.????  She said it was a bad word!}

"Mommmmmm......" she is clearly more exasperated than me.

"What?  I don't understand what this M.B. word is!" I retort.

This time she said more slowly and more enunciated, "D - U - M- B"!!!

Holy frickin' SOUTHERN ACCENTS!  

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