Wednesday, April 6, 2011

there are some things in life

... that make me think that I really want to have more little ones in the home.  The baby stuff that exists today is so fantastic.  So fun.  So non-birth-controlling!

Start wiring children for their college destination while they are in the crib! 

Hell, Baby Einstein did it with "Listen to Mozart and your child will be an amazing genius!"  (by the way, if you have any of those DVDs collecting dust in your home -- you can send them back for a full refund because chances are your child didn't become a genius by the age of 3.)

Plays the MSU fight song!  I love it!

the perfect pacifier

Start your college savings


Every girl needs a cheerleader outfit.  And boy, if needed.

Would totally push Nebraska... look at these adorable Cornhuskers!!

And adorable Aggie dogs!

And... whose mascot is this?  Is it Old Miss?  Tennessee?  I don't know, but I think these old men are kind of cute!!
I sure would like to decorate with these cute university items.  Can I justify a "Mascot Mobile" for my 8 year old?  Or too small university booties for my almost 3 year old? 

Actually, I probably can justify buying these cuties!  The children won't know that not every teenager doesn't have a Cornhusker Mobile in their bedroom ... because I will avoid "play dates" for the next ten years. 

Actually, I can justify buying any item.  Just ask my poor hubby.  Because I have an ongoing very long list of answers for ANY question he might toss in my direction. 

"Why exactly do the girls need Mascot Mobiles at their ages?" asks hubby.
"Well, you said we should begin introducing the children to different universities/colleges at a young age?" I reply with one answer from "the list".
"But did you really need to buy 25 Mascot Mobiles?" whines hubby.
"I couldn't decide which university to push, so I thought that with 25 Mascot Mobiles, they would have a good selection!" I diplomatically counter.
"But these are Mascot Mobiles, how are they going to help in deciding which university to attend?" questions hubby.
"Whatever Mascot Mobile they like the best, DUH!"  I proclaim.
"Huh?" ponders hubby.
"We are females!  Haven't I taught you anything about how the XX chromosomally proud make their decisions a.k.a. the 'cuteness factor' effect!?"  I announce.

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