Friday, April 15, 2011

for the love of...


Spring is here.  Put all that winter bitterness behind. 
Go out and embrace the fresh air.  The gentle breeze.  The pollen giving headaches. 
Embrace, people, Embrace.

What I have always wondered about... (and maybe you have, too.)

The cubicle yards that exist in the south.  Well, at least, here.  Every yard is adorned with a high wooden fence (with all this wood, we have the biggest termites in the world!) whether your lot is .10, .21, .33, or .56 acres.  There is an ugly wooden fence. 
They say the south is friendly. 
But how can they be if they don't even want to be your neighbor?
You could go years without ever seeing a neighbor especially if you only use the backdoor. 

Or do the cubicles define your land ownership?  God help you if you cross over the line.  I believe that is where the cubicle introduction entered the south.  Somebody crossed the line!  Probably to borrow some sugar!  Or somebody else's sugar.  (If you know what I mean!)

Regardless of the ugly cublicle yards, I still love SPRING. 

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