Friday, April 8, 2011


Eight months old.  Next week.

2028 is her high school graduation year.  And I only know this because I am always counting, making lists, and procrastinating due to my OCD capabilities.  However, my OCD seems to worsen in my foggy state.

I am cherishing my days.  No matter how sleep deprived.  And even if I occasionally call my husband by the name of John.  Which is clearly not his name.  Nor his middle name.  Nor is it even the name of an ex.  It is just a name.  I can claim temporary insanity. 

My little "little" is teething.  For six months now.  And this past week has been the absolute worst.  baddest.  horrendousliest.  You name it and it was it.  She screams.  And there is nothing I can do short of rubbing whiskey on her gums.  So, sleep is something I am currently not familiar with.  Truly, I see no end in sight. 

Please God grant me the serenity to maintain my sanity, hourly.
And the ability to remember what day it is.  And make lunches.
And Please God help me to remember my husband's given name!
And the ... awww, hell ... A-f-n-MEN.

ps  no children were given whiskey although you may have been rubbed down with whiskey if you were an infant in the 60s!

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