Tuesday, April 19, 2011

for the love of...


One of 90,000.
To be exact.

Spring storms in the south are alarming.  Loud.  And usually without warning.  So recently we have had one or three.  Who's counting??

I just happened to be apart of the large number of households without electricity.  One of 90,000.  Apparently, my neighborhood is last on the list for reinstalling electricity probably due to the large number of old people living here.  Electric companies are under the impression that while the elderly are sleeping, they don't even miss the electricity.

But since I am awake every three hours for one reason or another... I kind of missed the electricity. 

No lights.  No refrigerator.  No phones.  No tv. 


Again, who's counting? 

Well, me. 

In a three car garage, two stalls have safety releases.  Guess which one I was parked in?  That's right.  The one without a safety release.  Literally, we were stuck inside.  Without air.  Thought I was going to hyperventilate. 

And guess which day this just happened to occur on?  That's right.  The day the man of the house was working 12,000 miles from home racking up some frequent flier mileage. 

And guess what the children were fed for breakfast? 

Yesterday was just another Happy Monday! 
Here's to a Terrific Tuesday!

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